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SAAVHA is a Healthcare Startup with a focus on data security technology and user experience and finding out how the marriage between both could help create new strides in the way patients, doctors, and pharmacies interact.

The main area of SAAVHA's development was in designing the patient portal; a browser application that would house user's medical information and user/organization engagement, communication, and interaction with said information between patient, doctor, and other doctors.

Style Guide

Style Guide.png

This Project utilized previously conducted market research for SAAVHA's business strategy including Empathy Maps.

Empanty Map 1.png
Empathy Map 4.png
Empathy Map 3.png
Empathy Map 2.png

Primary Persona

I made updates for the official persona to reflect the previous data and current demographic research.


Making changes to the application's overall design using UX accessibility and finadability heuristics and persona needs.


The Biometric Login sequence would be one of the main features tested against our user base, which is a focus of veterans and the aging population in need of secure medical help.

User Flow


Usability Tests

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.40.07

The field research uncovered which biometrics users felt the most comfortable with and the visual and navigation problems of the old site design. The biometric user flow also had to connect each admin level of user to the patient portal (linked below)

Biometric Wireframes

The rest of the team was engaging with competitive research and connecting with experts in medical technology areas to compile where and how to focus our application's unique areas of focus, which were then designed. 
These prototypes became the primary presentation method for stakeholders due to the way they succeeded at simplifying those abstract focus areas into something very accessible.


Eventually, this prototype came to include 3 additional flows that got updated due to the need to portray certain functionality our stakeholders wanted to see.

Website Landing Page Redesign

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 10.00.14

With the 4 new areas of focus being planned out, there was a new need to reconstruct, rebrand, and refocus the landing page. The design came from trying to simplify and reinforce as many of the necessary points of discovery as possible.

SAAVHA never made it to production but the challenge to translate the complex abstract healthcare systems into a series of user flows, wireframes, and prototypes were fulfilling and provided tangible future steps forward for the experiences of patients and doctors across the country.

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