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MongoDB Hackathon Project: "Brain Age"

Alzheimer's self-assessment app using the eSLUMS grading system without the need of a doctor to meet the needs of patients that are anxious or unable to meet with a neurologist.


Download from the app store:

Scan QR Code:

or Click the prototype below to view:

Moving forward we would have liked to do two things: 

1) Omit the ability for the user to view the results: as we were building a more encouraging app that aimed to solve unease and embarrassment. Replacing that with a portal to send information to the patient's neurologist would allow a professional to more safely break the ice on the meaning of the results. While being able to empower the user with information in place of a doctor was a nice idea we can't ensure this won't cause panic or discomfort via a poor performance.

2) Redesign the clock question: It was the most difficult and challenging test question to reproduce. Because the test uses a medically proven method there weren't always sweeping changes or ommissions we were able to make and had to find a solution that was feasible for an app. However, what digital technology can't reproduce paper and pen will suffice. Since it's first and foremost a sharing app using the phones' photo feature to share that part of the test results alongside on-screen instructions is the most holistic solution.

Click here to find our full Research Report

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