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My Team was tasked with servicing Airbnb's new "event spaces" feature in a way that communicated the feature's capabilities on mobile more clearly to new users and helped the event host and event guests communicate through the app and allow a better understanding of each parties' needs.

Initial: How might we optimize the process so that users can accurately and effortlessly find a space that suits their needs?


Refined: How might we enable event organizers to find a space for their event and connect with the event hosts?

We sent out a screener survey to determine the breakdown of interview questions.


We conducted 12 interviews. Due to the breakdown of screener results we focussed out questions around guests (those organizing events with hosts)


We found that there were many that were completely unaware of Airbnb’s event booking service, which fell within our expectations. Those who organize events don’t necessarily hold host-interaction as a high need. Instead they care more about worrying or stressing over their guests’ needs or expectations.


Reactions to the host contact screen were overall positive and not too difficult to implement. Unfortunately, only 30% percent of people got lost in the first task which was helping Rebecca through her filter pathway and got directed toward’s Mark’s "filter" pathway with no indication.


Thankfully, the latter tasks went through a similar user flow so even those who failed the first task got familiar enough with how they were expected to progress to make it through the rest of the pathways.


This caused us to go back to the drawing board: we simplified the level of flows, consolidated “guide” to the rest of the filters since people didn’t understand its intention, and removed the persona specific scenarios and created ones that fit both personas so the user would only need to go through the process once.


After a second round the tests, we were far more successful. However, due to the high fidelity, users always scrolled past the correct event towards the image that looked more appealing, due to their curiosity and want to check out options. Any remaining issues remained with airbnb’s current mobile user flow.


for interactable interface of final product

for broader explanation and scope of product

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